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About Us

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Our Mission

We aim to create a space for each child to gain confidence, to attain maximum independence, communicate freely, and celebrate being themselves; while also equipping parents on how to best support their child every step of the way.

Our Approach

What makes Bumblebee different from others

We believe that it takes a Hive to Thrive! Bumblebee was built on the belief that a whole-child approach to therapy benefits all children. This means that we consider all disciplines when working with your child and how each body system impacts the others. We are a close-knit community of therapists who support each other and our families. We consider ourselves a resource to the community and offer classes that support your child across their lifetime.

What to expect during sessions

Our therapy sessions are customized to suit your child's therapeutic needs, with options for in-home, in-school, or clinic-based settings. Our therapists provide one-on-one instruction, tailoring their approach to your child's skill level, emotional development, and comfort. Sometimes, your presence may or may not be requested during sessions to foster a safe learning environment while also building rapport. 


In certain cases, we offer group therapy sessions to allow children to practice mastered skills, with the therapist providing individualized support while guiding the group. These group sessions are designed based on the specific needs of our clients, ensuring a focused and effective approach. 


At the conclusion of each session, your therapist reserves 5-10 minutes to review the targeted objectives, offer guidance on incorporating therapy techniques at home, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

What to expect at evalution

Evaluations are typically done one-on-one with a child in a quiet environment to reduce distraction. If it takes place at your child’s school, we will work with the school team to find an appropriate location. You must complete an initial intake questionnaire and may be asked to complete additional paperwork necessary for your child’s specific evaluation type. Evaluations are typically completed over one session but sometimes can stretch into a second session if more time is needed. You will receive the written report within 2 weeks and can review with your therapist. 

Our Clinicians



Owner & Speech Language Pathologist

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Lead Speech Language Pathologist



Speech Language Pathologist 



Speech Language Pathologist 



Director of Occupational Therapy



Lead Occupational Therapist



Occupational Therapist



Occupational Therapist and Certified Lactation Counselor



Director of Physical Therapy



Physical Therapist

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