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Speech Sound Disorders: Articulation

"Speech Sound Disorder" is an umbrella term used to describe when a child has difficulty perceiving, producing, or using speech sounds and speech segments.

In a previous post I explained what a phonological disorder was and described the different types.

Articulation Disorders and Phonological Disorders often overlap- that is why many Speech Language Pathologists lump them together as a "Speech Sound Disorder".

Types of Articulation Errors:

Substitutions: when a sound is substituted for one the child cannot yet make

"fumb" for "thumb", "thoap" for "soap"

Omission: when a sound is omitted or deleted from a word

"p_ay" for "play", "g_een _nake" for "green snake"

Distortion: when a sound is distorted or made in an unfamiliar way

lisp for /s/ sounds

Addition: when an extra sound is added to the word

"gahlue" for "glue"

When should my child develop certain sounds?

There has been many different studies conducted to determine what age children typically acquire certain sounds. Recently, researchers conducted a review of 15 different studies and compiled the data.

When to Seek Help

  • Anytime your child is getting frustrated at not being understood

  • If your child has substitution or omission type errors past the developmental age they should have acquired the missing sound.

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