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Bumblebee Pediatric Therapy

Bumblebee Pediatric Therapy provides Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Music Therapy to children in the Washington D.C. area. Services are provided in-home, in-school, and in-clinic. We strive to provide the highest quality services by collaborating with families to infuse therapy into all parts of a child’s life. We build community and relationships that build confidence in our clients and their families. 

Bumblebee’s goal is confidence.

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We want to give children the confidence they need to be as independent as possible, communicate freely, and be themselves, and want to give parents the confidence they need to support their child every step of the way. 

Too often, a speech disorder keeps a child from making their ideas and wishes known, and that challenge can result in frustration and misbehavior. We give children the tools they need to overcome their communication challenges and get their ideas out in the world. We love seeing the joy on a child’s face the first time they are understood.


Occasionally a child’s behavior can come out in a negative way without us knowing why; affecting their everyday life. This can be due to underlying issues such as lack of confidence from skills such as fine motor, sensory integration or gross and visual motor tasks. Pediatric Occupational Therapy helps to identify and improve those skills to increase the child’s independence at home, school and unfamiliar environments, so they can hold their head up high during those little or big victories by accomplishing tasks on their own. We are here to advocate for your child so they can feel independent in age appropriate tasks and thrive in any environment.


Parents play a critical role in their child’s development, and that role is even more important when a communication disorder or physical challenges are involved. Parents want the best for their child, but they, too, need coaching and tools to give the right support. We work with parents to give them the confidence they need to help their children successfully navigate therapy. Most importantly, we help parents find joyful moments with their child while they work towards attainable therapy goals.

Services We Offer

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Speech Therapy


Occupational Therapy


Physical Therapy


Feeding Therapy



Services can be provided in your home, in clinic, or in your child's school.

Home-based services are based as needed and offered to those within a 20 minute commute from the office location:
4315 50th St NW, LL2, Washington, DC 20016

School based services are available to those clients who are enrolled in private daycare or schools.

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Meet our clinicians

We aim to create a space for each child to gain confidence, to attain maximum independence, communicate freely, and celebrate being themselves; while also equipping parents on how to best support their child every step of the way. 



Owner & Speech Language Pathologist


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Lead Speech Language Pathologist



Speech Language Pathologist 



Speech Language Pathologist




Director of Occupational Therapy



Lead Occupational Therapist



Occupational Therapist



Occupational Therapist and Certified Lactation Counselor



Director of Physical Therapy



Physical Therapist

Our services are fee-for-service, which means you pay us out-of-pocket when the services are delivered. Some insurance plans cover these services. If yours does, you will submit whatever form your insurance company requires to potentially receive reimbursement.

You’ll schedule a free discovery call

The call will last about 15-30 minutes. We'll ask questions. You’ll ask questions. We’ll get a sense if we’ll make good partners. If we do, we will schedule an evaluation.

We’ll evaluate your child

Evaluations will take place in the setting determined during the discovery call; this may be in your home, in your child’s school, or in our clinic. Evaluations are completed by the treating therapist so that your child can begin to build rapport. Evaluations typically take 1-hour but may require more than one session to complete.  We will evaluate your child’s needs by interacting with them through play, using standardized assessment tools, and making observations. We pride ourselves on making children feel comfortable. That’s an important part of what makes therapy effective.

We’ll tailor a custom plan of care for your child

General results of the evaluation will be shared with you the day of the evaluation. A more detailed treatment plan will be created and shared with you within two weeks of the evaluation. We will work together to determine if this is the appropriate plan for your child. 

We’ll schedule therapy sessions

Treatment sessions will take place in the location determined by you and your therapist. The therapist may suggest a change in location based on the results of the evaluation and they will work with you to find the best fit. Most children benefit from weekly sessions, but other time periods are possible. 

How we'll work together

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Schedule a FREE Discovery call

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We are always looking for talented clinicians to join our team, if interested please send resume and cover letter to: 


Speech Language Pathologist 

Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist


Our Portal

We partner with Simple Practice as our medical record system and credit card processor. You will have unlimited access to all billing, daily notes, progress reports, and evaluations in an easy-to-access portal.

Click here to log in online

Or download the Simple Practice App here


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